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Silver Vs Gold investments in India

Before putting in money in a volatile market, an investor should be aware of the current economic and financial state of affairs so that he can use the impulsive investment graph to his advantage.

While the Government of India continues to push the button of crude oil prices per barrel, the prices of petrol and diesel continue to remain severely affected. Stocks follow the trend with their prices catching the trend as well.

Times are changing, as investors prefer to invest in gold or silver since precious metals continue their run as the best performing assets for the fourth time in the last five years.

Investors who have invested in precious metals have benefited a 42% return on gold or silver prices in 2010. Compared to gold, prices on silver showed an astounding growth in 2010, which was nearly 80% in contrast to gold’s 29% growth.

This is a two and a half time growth denoting silver’s status as a safe investment. The tilting demand and supply scale where demand was much higher than the supply also aggravated the silver price. Silver prices have increased at a stable 9.3% in the first two months of 2011.

Going by the present market graph, it looks like precious metals stands a better chance as an investment medium and more than that silver is showing promising results in comparison to gold.

Before you start investing in either gold or silver, there are some few points to remember – Precious metals have been showing a marked, stable improvement in the investment market. * In case of gold or silver bars and coins, liquefaction is comparatively an easy process.

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